Wear Authenticity (Backup)

Made with Purpose

Artisanal Techniques

Each Patricia Govea Collection garment is developed with care to detail, made authentically by the indigenous artisans. Each craft application is developed by hand so it gives individuality, a handicraft in the garment brings the tradition to a current environment.


Community & Social Impact

We generate transcendental impact by contributing with indigenous women to actively integrate into the economy, receiving direct income that is reflected in their family environment. Empowering and allowing them to participate in the creation of an economy of scale. It gives them access to cover their social, educational and health needs. 


Tradition and Sophistication Transformed in Art

High content of innovation, creativity and in art in authentic and exclusive designs, adapted to the life of the women in our times. Awakening international interest in knowing more about traditions and customs of Mexico, dignifying and spreading the historical and artistic wealth of the country.