The Community (Backup)

The Patricia Govea collection works with 300 artisans in 12 different communities from Nayarit and Jalisco Mexico, in which 95% of the artisans are women.


Lorenza Diaz  and Antonia Carillo Chavez WIXÁRIKA Artisans in Jalisco Mexico.


Our collection offer pay fair wages, fund Women Education and Health Well Being. More than 85% of our artisans had never held a stable job with a consistent salary prior to working with us.

Lorenza Diaz WIXÁRIKA Artisan.

All our Artisans must be 18 years or older, we have single moms, seniors  and people with disabilities, all of them working with healthy conditions. 

Talented artisans throughout Mexico, often face similar barriers to growth: the lack of knowledge of efficient production methodology, quality standards and design trends, and access to quality materials. 



Emilia Flores Chavez WIXÁRIKA Artisan in Nayarit Mexico

Our Impact 

  • Encourage the creation of Societies of Social Solidarity where the women who integrate the company can obtain legal personality, becoming partners and stockholders, which allows the continuing development of their communities and preservation of their culture.
  • Increasing income and ensure fair wages without causing strain to family dynamics.
  • Provide steady and diversified sources of income to artisans.
  • Provide Education on basic reading, writing and speaking skills programs for adult literacy.
  • Reduce deprivation; beneficial to artisan's aspirations and local economy.
  • Empowerment of women; recognized as an independent, income -earning group.
  • Increase family well- being; enable artisans to balance responsibilities at home and still work.
  • Improve communication and business skills; results in influence over community decisions.


Antonia Carillo Chavez WIXÁRIKA Artisan, Founder Patricia Govea , Felicita De La Torre WIXÁRIKA Artisan in Nayarit Mexico 

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