Azucena Pullover

$249 USD
Product Details:

Our Azucena Pullover is made of 100% cotton to create this soft, relaxed-fit sweatshirt. It is adorned with a Huichol Wolf, crafted and made of hand-made crystals by our artisans themselves. 

Fabric Information:

— 100% Sustainable Cotton
— Beading Handcrafted by our artisans


Estimated Shipping Date
Expect your order to be delivered within 4-6 weeks from the purchased date. An estimated 20 days if ordered in Mexico and 45 days if order in the US.


 The Patricia Govea Collection is conscious about the amount of waste packaging can produce. Because we are committed to save our planet, we want to offer options for your packaging:

Option 1: Exclusive Patricia Govea Collection Fold Box Size: 21.00" X 15.25" X 4.00" with Tissue Paper and Sticker 

Option 2: Eco Friendly Bag 


*Note: Please write your packaging of preference in the product notes at checkout.


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