Si'kuli Kimono

$288 USD
Product Description:

The Si'kuli Kimono is a gorgeous piece that has a simple silhouette, but a lot of intricate detailing. Made with a ripped stripe along with the whole kimono and adorned with a beaded stripe on each side calls for the perfect unique piece. Each embroidered stripe was individually handcrafted by our artisans and includes the sacred symbol: 

Eye of god - Protection

Kimono Information:

— Frayed Cotton
— Navy Blue
— Two embroidered WIXÁRIKA Sacred Symbol straps
— Lightweight Fabric

 The Patricia Govea Collection is conscious about the amount of waste packaging can produce. Because we are committed to save our planet, we want to offer options for your packaging:

Option 1: Exclusive Patricia Govea Collection Fold Box Size: 21.00" X 15.25" X 4.00" with Tissue Paper and Sticker 

Option 2: Eco Friendly Bag 


*Note: Please write your packaging of preference in the product notes at checkout.


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